Kahana Ridge


There are currently three standing committees recognized by the Kahana Ridge Association Board of Directors. They are as follows:

Architectural Design Review - Chair Richard Jarman
Architectural Design Review - member Louise Ross
Architectural Design Review - member
Landscaping Committee - Chair Don Gerbig
Solar Committee - Chair Richard Jarman
Solar Committee - member Louise Ross
C C & R - Chair Stan Zajac


Any homeowner wishing to pursue a particular issue at Kahana Ridge is encouraged to organize a committee comprised of other owners. The President of the Board could then appoint the interested parties to a committee of owners, as well as a chairperson of the committee. The committee would report its findings/recommendations to the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity. The Board would then receive the committee’s findings and recommendations, and act upon them. Active participation in a committee that interests you is one of the best ways to affect the future course of our neighborhood and homeowner’s association in a positive manner.

If you have any questions about or are interested in serving on a committee, please let us know!


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